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Soundmask's systems are designed to solve the problems of speech privacy and distracting noise. Our systems are low cost, energy efficient and quality assured.

Specialist Technology for Continuous Soundmasking Service

Soundmask’s systems are custom built for the space specified — they are not just off-the-shelf PA speakers and white or pink noise. They are also cost effective compared with structural changes. Soundmask systems come in a range of sizes and modes of operation to suit any space, and are a natural fit for green star or LEED rated buildings.

Retrofit or During Construction

Soundmask's systems offer the flexibility of installation during or after construction. For large projects where acoustic design is a major consideration, particularly green buildings, an acoustic consultant will specify a soundmasking system. The system can be installed by the electrical contractor or one of our specialist installers.

For smaller projects or retrofitting, an acoustic consultant can specify the system or Soundmask can design and install a system to suit the space and requirements.

Low Energy, Low Cost and Green

A typical high rise building will draw approximately the same energy as a Desktop PC. For smaller systems the energy consumption is a fraction of a light bulb. In fact, an average Soundmask system will cost around $25.00 per annum to run.

This unique quality means that Soundmask's acoustic sound masking systems are preferred as a solution for green star or LEED rated buildings where energy consumption and materials are equally important in achieving a green rating.

Over 20 Years Experience, Quality Assured

For over 20 years, Soundmask has developed its own technology and is committed to continuous improvement. We are a dedicated soundmasking business, not just a PA business that dabbles in white noise. This ensures that Soundmask produces quality systems that are purpose designed and built for soundmasking service.

New products and system components are developed in-house, with testing internally and externally by independent testing laboratories in Australia and internationally. This means that customers can rest assured that each Soundmask system works — it is the culmination of years of research and development.

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CBUS Super Trustee head office where the open plan office area required the introduction of acoustic sound masking via a Soundmask system.
The reception area at AMP Financial Services has a different level of soundmasking to other areas. This was achieved with the design and installation of a zoned Soundmask system.
The ceiling at Council House 2 in Melbourne precluded the installation of in-ceiling soundmasking, so an under floor Soundmask system was designed and installed.