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Soundmask's systems have been developed over more than 20 years. Easy to install and easy to use, there is a system for any space that requires an acoustic treatment. In fact, in our experience, installing a Soundmask system as the first course of action is usually the only acoustic treatment needed.

Types of Systems

Soundmask's innovative soundmasking systems can be installed under the floor, in the ceiling, in an open area or surface mounted.


The In Ceiling System is the most commonly installed Soundmask system. Installed within existing suspended ceilings, or during construction, the system is concealed overhead.


Under Floor Systems are used where there are no suspended ceilings (where a traditional system would be placed). The transducers are located under the floor with other services.


Open Area Systems offer the option of a Soundmask system where an under floor or ceiling system cannot be installed. For example, in lofted ceilings, like heritage buildings that have been re-fitted. There are also options for the Soundmask transducers to be suspended from the ceiling to make a feature.


Surface Mounted Systems are used where speakers cut into walls or ceilings are preferred.

Why choose a Soundmask System?

Soundmask has has installed systems in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Soundmask develops its own technology and is constantly innovating and improving its system components. Soundmask's systems have been developed to meet unique customer needs and feature “plug and play” technology, so you can easily install and adjust each system.

Soundmask's generators passed the C-tick and FCC accreditation. Soundmask's hardware complies with ISO-9000 and RoHS. Soundmask has developed its systems with the humidity of far north Queensland in mind and are suitable for almost all climatic conditions.

Soundmask's systems are so energy efficient that running a whole building takes less energy than an average Desktop Computer. In fact energy costs from a Soundmask system are typically as little as $25.00 per annum for an entire office. Soundmask does not use heavy metals in its speakers, and actively works with its manufacturers to cut down carbon emissions in production. Soundmask is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia.

Soundmask has spent time and money developing technology that not only works perfectly, but looks great whether exposed or concealled.

Soundmask's size allows individualised service. Soundmask consultants are available before, during and after completion of the installation — ready and willing to assist with any queries or concerns. Soundmask is small enough to cater for individuals but big enough to comfortably supply and install Soundmask systems in entire buildings.

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Soundmask's in ceiling transducer pictured in place at the Commonwealth Bank headquarters. The Soundmask system installation by Next Electrical required over 2000 transducers.
Surface mounted "cut in" transducers pictured in the "Quiet Room" at the Commonwealth Bank headquarters.
Equipment rack with Soundmask's system components for a soundmasking system in a high rise building.